Mr. Miranda’s Fantastic Backyard

by | Aug 8, 2021 | tours

Mr. Miranda’s Fantastic Backyard

Last night, while going for a walk I had an unusual experience, for me that is. I was bored with my usual walking route, so I began walking in a random direction. About 20 minutes into my walk, I passed a man feeding his plants. I complimented his landscaping and we conversed for a while. I told him about my website and that I love gardening. He then invited me to tour is backyard and with his permission allowed me to take a few photos to share with y’all.I hope you enjoy this mini tour, I know I did. Thanks for your hospitality, Mr. Miranda’s.

FYI: You can click the images to view the slideshows at a larger size.

Figs, Quince & Lime

The fig and lime trees were very impressive.  In the heat and humidity of the summer it was easy to imagine we were somewhere tropical.

I don’t recall everything he said about the quince, but it sounded like the most popular way to prepare them is innvolved.

Mr. Miranda told me story about a friend of his who has even bigger fig trees and uses a forklift to bring them out of the barn each day. I couldn’t help but smile at the slightly covetous tone in his voice.

Apple Trees

When first saw the apple trees, it instantly reminded me of my Grandpa and Grandma’s house, where greenthumbs were born… or made.

The repeating shapes of fruit, leaves, limbs, and lighting created visually appealing patterns on the inside and outside of the canopy.

I didn’t get a chance to try the fruit. Maybe next time?

Veggies & Peppers!

Once again I was impressed by Mr Miranda’s skill and attention to detail. His tomotoes looked ready to burst and the peppers looked too hot to handle.The smallest peppers are an African variety and VERY hot. He said he used them for pickling.

Mud Room

Mr. Miranda had several projects going in his mud room. He had several lime tree starters and even a pineapple.I tried to ask smart questions, but mostly just said “cool” about a dozen times.

Are you interested in purchasing a plant from Mr. Miranda?

Mr. Miranda mentioned that if anyone was interested in purchasing a tree, to forward their contact info to him. So, contact me and include your name and contact info and what your interested in.