Less Busy, More Barefoot

Barefoot Brian is a half-baked project that will most-absolutely evolve over time. My goal is to upload some of my photographs in currated collections with products using the art available to purchase to help sustain the project. My dream would be to do this full time and use my professional skills to build my own brand. In the meantime if you need a website, visit busybrian.com

About Brian

Where to start? Born in Oregon, I grew up gardening, catching critters, drawing and riding my bike. As an adult, I find satisfaction in spending time outdoors, either fishing, camping, gardening or going for a stroll.

Growning up, my family almost always had a garden full of vegetables and flowers. My grandfather was a real green thumb and always had a plentiful garden. Growing up I didn’t always appreciate time in the garden pulling weeds, but there was always some bugs to play with or mushy apples roll down the alley.